Brendon and Kevin - 2014

Brendon and Kevin - 2014

The Brendon and Kevin show, was founded in the tiny town of Ely NV, in the Spring of 2013. It was originally broadcast on 92.7 KDSS on Saturday nights. Although this was a country music station, the show consisted of a rock/heavy metal/alternative format.

Brendon and Kevin have been both friends and former band mates since 2004 but, the show's inception started when Brendon filled in on Saturday night's "Rock in the Mounatins", and Kevin was asked to come in and do a promo for his job. That promo turned into a rock radio monster. 

Two years later, trying to add some more flavor to the show, Teri Herrera, a friend of the duo was added to the line-up, changing the name to "Brendon, Kevin and Teri". Later, that year, Teri left the show to commit to being a mom and wife. 

The duo was "let go" in March of 2016.

In 2018, the duo returned with "The Brendon and Kevin show" via the internet. The duo transitioned from the radio world into the podcast world. Leaving the music show behind them, they focused on the "talk" side of things.