Brendon and Kevin met in the winter of 2004. Brendon being a guitar player, and Kevin a drummer, they decided to start playing music together. This band opportunity was short-lived as they both went their own ways. Being in a small town does not hold a lot of opportunities to work as a full-time musician. Both had families to take care of and full-time jobs to focus on.

In the summer of 2012, Brendon was offered the chance to fill-in on Saturday nights for the local show "Rock in the Mountains" on local radio station 92.7 KDSS. The show consisted primarily of classic rock for its format, however, Brendon would sneak in alternative/grunge and classic metal when the chance came. Brendon would continue to do Saturday nights for the next two years until one night it was passed on that Kevin would be coming in to do a promo for the local hardware store. As the promo went on, the two managed to find a humorous banter that felt natural. Kevin finished out the remainder of the show with Brendon that evening.

The two decided to do the Saturday night slot together, simply calling themselves "The Brendon and Kevin show." The show's theme was themed around Star Wars mixed with 90's grunge and alternative, classic metal, and new rock. Once KDSS starting broadcasting online, the show started finding new fans in places such as Seattle, all the way to as far as Australia. The show was a success in Ely NV as well. The show even participated in fundraiser's to raise money to support Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT.

In late 2015, the two decided that something was still missing from the show and that it needed a female voice. Teri Herrera was brought on board and the show was rebranded as "Brendon, Kevin & Teri." The addition was successful but shortly thereafter, Teri left the show to commit to being a full-time mother and wife to her family. The show was changed back to its original name, "The Brendon and Kevin show."

A few months later...the duo was fired (via text message) by KDSS in 2016.

In 2018, the duo made the decision to transition from local radio to the internet. Bringing back their banter, "The Brendon and Kevin show' was rebranded as a podcast. The two now sit down and talk with persons of interest, locally and statewide. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to "The Brendon and Kevin show!"

Brendon and Kevin 2014

Brendon and Kevin 2014